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2nd March 2016



Kanow an Mor yn Seyth Tavas

Songs of the Sea in Seven Languages

The Cornish, Basque, Welsh, Frisian, Scots and Irish Gaelic languages will all feature at the TOSTA Pop-up Festival-within-a-Festival on the Prince of Wales Pier.

The Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival is built upon our maritime links with other sea-faring communities. This year we are delighted to welcome the  ‘TOSTA; Cultural Cargo’ project and their celebration of minority languages along the Atlantic seaboard. 

Join us at the Tosta Pop-Up Village, Prince of Wales Pier to

·      learn a few words of Cornish,

·      enjoy the multi-lingual 'diversity orchestra', made up from musicians of all 7 nations

·      sing songs of the sea in Kernewek (and other minority languages)

·      take part in building an enormous paper boat

·      see the artwork that travelled from 7 different nations by shipping container

·      and more…