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28th May 2015


How to Play The Bones Workshops.

Hans Weehuizen will be giving unmissable “How To Play The Bones” workshops over the festival!

On Saturday at 12pm and Sunday at 11am Hans will be at the Watersports Centre giving visitors invaluable insight and training into one of the oldest instruments in the world.

Not having many instruments on board the ship, often sailors searched for ways to make simple instruments by themselves, from wood or bone. Back when whaling was common there was enough material on hand to make Bones (rattle-bones). In the present-day you can’t get whalebones very easily, so they are often made from wood, which works well as a friendlier alternative.

Bones are divergent of our old-fashioned rattles. The difference is in how you hold the bones, which gives more of a range of rhythms. Today, Bones are mostly played in Ireland and the USA, much like the spoons, and both are excellent percussion instruments. There is even a Rhythm Bones Society, which organizes their own Bones Festival in the US.

During Hans’ Bones workshop you will take the first steps in learning this amazing instrument; first in how to hold it, then how to move, and finally how to play. You can even make your own!

There will even be a complete coursebook with tapes for sale.

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